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Your journey is currently the way of Transformation. You investigate the wisdom of your soul. You throw away all old belief systems and patterns because they no longer serve you. Keep courage, because you are on your way to becoming fully your authentic Self. Your spiritual transformation is simply about turning the Ego into the […]

Your spiritual transformation process

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Your journey is currently the way of Transformation.

You investigate the wisdom of your soul.

You throw away all old belief systems and patterns because they no longer serve you.

Keep courage, because you are on your way to becoming fully your authentic Self.

Your spiritual transformation is simply about turning the Ego into the Higher Self. Transformation is inherent in a spiritual development. You thereby come to your true Self / Core. You transform, you take on a different form. It is your own spiritual transformation.

All this certainly has to do with the conversion of energy. With every transformation there is an increase in consciousness. Your personal vibration goes up!

In this transformation process you can feel somewhat detached, unbalanced and confused. Sometimes it is possible that you no longer know which “role” you have to play in daily life at work, in your family and even when you are alone. That role that you thought you had to play falls apart. Hereby you can question your entire existence. The question “For what purpose do I live my life?” Comes to the fore. People who have a lot of energy to clean up can suffer more from complaints during this transformation process than other people who are less burdened. All blockages are cleared. We also call this the purification process.

You may experience the following physical symptoms:

  • The most common complaint is fatigue. After all, it costs a lot of energy. All old energies are converted into new energy forms. Allow yourself peace. Give yourself that love too.
  • (Main) pains. Muscle pains and joint pain.
  • Ringing in the ears, reduced focus and pressure in the ears can occur (has to do with changes in frequency in the brain)
  • Flu-like symptoms, perspiration & warmth. The body is busy cleaning and removing blockages and detoxing.
  • Sleep patterns can change & have many dreams.


  • Grief comes to the surface. This feeling can look a lot like a grieving process and a feeling of gloom. All this has to do with letting go of your old thought patterns and letting in the new energies. In this phase it is advisable not to judge. Let everything be there. This is allowed … and it is necessary.
  • Nostalgia feeling. This feeling is often impossible to place. Many people may have a deep longing back to the Source. The great thing about this is that many people remember where they came from. This place is all unconditional love where everything is ONE. Remember that you came here on earth because you are needed here. It may just be that your job is also to help people with their transformation process.

In the spiritual field:

  • You can be pretty confused. Because there are different phases to be seen in the process, you can experience that you are a bit in between. The old energies and patterns are still partly present and in the meantime you are developing new ones. You can also experience this as very tiring.
  • Your inner dialogue increases in consciousness. Your thoughts about yourself and others will be more loving. Thinking in separation will decrease and give way to wholeness. As I wrote before: We remember that we are one …
  • Your consciousness vibration increases. This means that your intuition also increases. You develop your sixth senses more and more. You will increasingly know / feel / see / smell / hear more clearly.

In the social field:

  • A shift may occur in your Tribe. The people who stand in the way of your growth will leave. You will have to let go of people and trust that new ones will replace them. The only thing you “have to do” with this is simply accept it. Try to experience what is going on from an objective perspective. See your role and that of the other and how this complements each other or not.
  • You will increasingly want to free up time for your own passions.

If you undergo a spiritual transformation it may feel like you are losing control … and maybe even your own identity. This is just right.

Undergoing a spiritual transformation has been known for thousands of years in cultures and religions. In the Old Testament of the Bible, for example, the dark night of the soul is mentioned. Because we identify ourselves with the shadow side of the soul, we have forgotten who we really are. The intention is to start living from the light side of the soul again, by remembering who we are, so that we can connect with each other.

The purpose of this is to detach the material, sensory perceptible world. Identifying the Self with all earthly things is not correct. It is a projection of your “false self” or the ego. It is the shadow side of existence here on earth. What we want to grow towards is to get rid of all the old and embrace the Self.

In ancient Egypt, Greece and India and other cultures, schools were even established to help people through this process. These people were totally isolated and received all the wisdom about inner mysteries. The world, by the way, still learns from the spiritual truths of them.

In our western world, few people really receive support during their spiritual transformation. In addition, few people can afford the luxury of quitting their jobs and spending the rest of their lives meditating in India. But this is absolutely not necessary! We always get what we can wear and what we need, including in this important process. This means that we can definitely succeed including our busy western existence. (40-hour working week, a family, etc.) The number of people going through spiritual transformation is growing exponentially.

We do this spiritual transformation process not only for ourselves, we do this for the collective.

To achieve this goal we will first have to transform ourselves so that our fears and self-interest do not sabotage our effectiveness of our work. We do not only influence what we do ourselves, but also who we are as a person. The more we purify ourselves, the greater our positive influence on others will be. This is only done by being present somewhere. Just wait and see.

Yes, it is necessary to undergo a spiritual transformation.

The purpose of this transformation is to become a Conscious Creator on this planet, in accordance with the Divine will.

Yes, we are Creators. We create everything. After all, we are all part of the whole & we are made in the image of the Source / God / Creator / Allah / Universal energy.

Have faith that the Source / God / Creator / Allah / Universal energy (whatever you want to call it) supports us and knows that we can handle all challenges. We receive what we can handle.

Open your heart and you will even be able to experience this time of transformation as something magical!

I wish you a lot of strength, love and beautiful developments!


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