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Picture this: It's the year 2015, and we, the team of METSA NOMA, stood at the threshold of a remarkable journey. Fueled by a deep eagerness to share the profound love and transformative embrace of the Sacred Mother, we embarked on a mission to create something truly extraordinary.

From the Netherlands to the captivating landscapes of Peru, METSA NOMA was born with a clear intention—to provide a safe haven for our participants, a place where healing journeys could unfold, and the courage to step into the unknown could be discovered. Our ceremonies are not just events; they are moments etched in the fabric of our participants' lives.

You see, the Plant Medicine Path we tread upon isn't merely a trail through the wilderness; it's an ancient route that whispers to us, urging us to return to our true selves. It's a pathway lined with the wisdom of ages, guiding us to remember who we are and the miracles that weave through every moment of our lives.

In 2019, our dedication took a big step. We teamed up with Maestro Sany Meny to help him build Centro Metsa Noma in Pahoyan, Peru—a jungle village. Naming the center after Daphne Metsa Noma was an incredible honor, marking the concrete realization of our shared vision. Now, we host groups for healing, learning with plants, and building sacred relationships.

A journey of transformation + healing from the Netherlands to Peru

Our Story

Maestro Sany Meny

This path hasn't been easy, especially for Team METSA NOMA, not being Shipibo. But with the strict guidance of our Shipibo maestro (Sany Meny), we've learned to sing shipibo icaros, create safe spaces, and honor the true Shipibo Konibo ways.

As we immerse ourselves in this ancient practice, the plants become our allies, reminding us of the light and the boundless love from which we were created. They gently nudge us to be present in each moment, to savor the beauty of life unfolding before us.

Our deepest hope is that every participant who walks through our doors experiences the joy that resonates from the heart of this transformative practice. METSA NOMA is not just a place which provides a place to journey within; Metsa Noma is a testament to dedication, a sanctuary for all, at every level of their transformative journey. It's a space where stories of healing, courage, and rediscovery are written on the pages of each person's unique tale.

METSA NOMA is not just a place to journey within; it's a testament to dedication, a sanctuary for all, at every level of their transformative journey.

"Through Ayahuasca, one enters the kaleidoscope of consciousness, where the soul speaks in colors and the spirit dances in the rhythm of cosmic revelation."

- Graham Hancock

Noya Rao is our main Master Plant Dieta


used by over 300 indigenous tribes in the Amazon



experience  last about 5 hours, with lingering effects.



effects can be felt in just 20 minutes after intake.



The Numbers

Since 2015, we've dedicated 2-6 months annually to intensive training in the Peruvian jungle.


The use of the sacred plants dates back over 3000 years in indigenous Amazonian cultures.

A few quick facts about Sacred Plants + Metsa Noma


All the way Shipibo Style!


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Witnessing the Transformation

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Communicating with Plant Spirit


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Oh you wanna get personal here? Okay!

Team Metsa Noma

I'm thrilled to be your guide on this incredible journey through the enchanting Shipibo Konibo tradition. My story began in 2015, a time when the plants started whispering to my soul. 

Growing up in a family filled with love, but also lots of traumatic events, I experienced the pain that exists in the world. It became this heavy load to carry, pushing me to a moment of decision—a burnout and a deep sadness that surprisingly became the entrance to my healing path.

Hey there, I'm Daphne Metsa Noma

About The Founder

In the midst of my struggles, I stumbled upon the magical world of Sacred Plants and answered the call to travel to the Peruvian jungles. Later guided by the incredible Maestro Sany Meny, I learned the sacred art of plant medicine, and it became this powerful tool for my own personal healing + growth.

Now, my amazing team and I are the heart and soul of Metsa Noma, and it's my passion to guide you through Sacred Circles, creating a safe space for you to embark on your own inner quests. My approach isn't just about sticking to tradition; it's about growing and evolving together. Let's make this journey truly extraordinary!

The plants became my allies on the journey to rediscovering my light, my essence, and the boundless love that shapes us all.

In a sacred ceremony, I received a profound message that beckoned me to build a community. The message came from the depths of existence, and it was crystal clear:

"In these changing times, the world needs us to gather, to bundle our strengths, and to learn from each other."

It was more than just a message; it was a calling, a sacred mission bestowed upon us. And so, Metsa Noma Tribe was born.

Here, you're not just entering a community; you're becoming a part of a story that started with divine guidance. You're joining a journey of unity and growth, one that resonates with the very soul of the world.

As you explore our space, you'll sense the warmth of our shared mission, the heartbeat of unity, and the wisdom that flows freely among our members. Together, we learn, we evolve, and we uplift not just ourselves but the world around us.

​So, step into our world. Join us as we unite, learn, and grow – not as isolated individuals, but as a collective force answering a call from the universe itself.


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The Inspiration Behind 

Daphne Metsa Noma

- Hendrik Wooldrik ~ dietero

A dieta with Noya Rao is a solo quest, without any doubt. Yet you will not be alone on this journey, not for the briefest of moments. Whether in great height, in width or in depth, you will be accompanied by and under the strict and loving guidance of the plants. When you show commitment and dedication, they show their endless intellignece, that there simply are no boundaries whatsoever, that love truly is limitless and they present life as essentialy wants to be lived: in flow. Special gratitude to Maestro Sany Meny, Daphne and Johnny. For their healing, wisdom and for holding space.

"When you show commitment and dedication, the plants show their endless intelligence."

- MArloes van Brugge ~ Dietera

My experience at Metsa Noma in Peru was indescribable. My experiences help me daily. I have experienced a lot, which until now has been more of a cognitive thing. I have felt a lot of love and gratitude and I keep bringing that feeling up again and again. As a result, life has become more colorful. Knowing that life is so magical is what makes life so precious. I already knew Daphne through her ceremonies in the Netherlands and therefore knew that I was in a reliable place. Not unimportant, because that is not the case everywhere. We have been beautifully guided by Maestro Sany Meny, Daphne and Johnny and their team. There were many more lovely people to guide us and take care of us. We have been looked after very well and lovingly. In terms of guidance, food and accommodation, ceremonies, rituals, before and after care. I am very grateful for this wonderful experience. I would love to go again if the opportunity arises. I grant this everyone.

"Grateful for the wonderful journey, I'd go again if given the chance. Highly recommended to all."

- Elvira van D.  

Thank you for allowing me to be at the Round Table Talk - even though I haven’t traveled with you (yet)..
It felt good, connected, and I felt heard. Thank you for that. I’ve also had your team on board once on a flight to Peru (during COVID times - I work at KLM). I feel very connected with Metsa Noma, can’t explain. I just wanted to thank you! ♥️

"It felt good, connected, and I felt heard."

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