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Frequently Asked Questions

Metsa Noma is rooted in the Shipibo Konibo tradition, focusing on the transformative power of sacred plant ceremonies. We believe in creating a safe and nurturing space for individuals to explore their inner selves, guided by the wisdom of themselves in collab with sacred plants.

Our approach combines traditional practices with a commitment to growth and evolution. We emphasize deep respect for the Shipibo Konibo traditions, including singing icaros, creating energetically safe settings, and honoring the wisdom of sacred plants.​

Metsa Noma distinguishes itself through a blend of cultural respect, commitment to lifelong learning (with and from the Sacred Plants, Maestros & the whole Tribe), and creating a supportive community. Our dedication goes beyond ceremonies; it's woven into every aspect, from the icaros we sing to the sanctuary we've built.

Preparation is crucial for a meaningful experience. We offer guidance on physical, mental, and emotional aspects of preparation, including dietary recommendations, meditation practices, and fostering a mindset open to healing and self-discovery.

Our commitment extends beyond ceremonies. We offer free Round Table Talks (Integration Live Calls), preparation + integration coaching and mentorship, providing support as you process and integrate your experiences. The Metsa Noma community also serves as a space for ongoing connection and support.

- Hendrik Wooldrik ~ dietero

A dieta with Noya Rao is a solo quest, without any doubt. Yet you will not be alone on this journey, not for the briefest of moments. Whether in great height, in width or in depth, you will be accompanied by and under the strict and loving guidance of the plants. When you show commitment and dedication, they show their endless intellignece, that there simply are no boundaries whatsoever, that love truly is limitless and they present life as essentialy wants to be lived: in flow. Special gratitude to Maestro Sany Meny, Daphne and Johnny. For their healing, wisdom and for holding space.

"When you show commitment and dedication, the plants show their endless intelligence."

- MArloes van Brugge ~ Dietera

My experience at Metsa Noma in Peru was indescribable. My experiences help me daily. I have experienced a lot, which until now has been more of a cognitive thing. I have felt a lot of love and gratitude and I keep bringing that feeling up again and again. As a result, life has become more colorful. Knowing that life is so magical is what makes life so precious. I already knew Daphne through her ceremonies in the Netherlands and therefore knew that I was in a reliable place. Not unimportant, because that is not the case everywhere. We have been beautifully guided by Maestro Sany Meny, Daphne and Johnny and their team. There were many more lovely people to guide us and take care of us. We have been looked after very well and lovingly. In terms of guidance, food and accommodation, ceremonies, rituals, before and after care. I am very grateful for this wonderful experience. I would love to go again if the opportunity arises. I grant this everyone.

"Grateful for the wonderful journey, I'd go again if given the chance. Highly recommended to all."

- Elvira van D.  

Thank you for allowing me to be at the Round Table Talk - even though I haven’t traveled with you (yet)..
It felt good, connected, and I felt heard. Thank you for that. I’ve also had your team on board once on a flight to Peru (during COVID times - I work at KLM). I feel very connected with Metsa Noma, can’t explain. I just wanted to thank you! ♥️

"It felt good, connected, and I felt heard."