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Welcome to Metsa Noma! Here, we're all about making your journey of growth and connection as clear and enriching as possible. These Terms and Conditions govern your membership purchase and outline the mutual commitments between Metsa Noma and its valued members.

Health and Safety Disclaimer
The information provided on the Metsa Noma website and community app is for general and educational purposes only. It does not constitute, and should not be interpreted as, medical advice or recommendations. Before participating in any events or applying teachings from Metsa Noma, consult with your healthcare provider to ensure it is appropriate for your personal health and circumstances.

Article 1 – Acceptance and Participation

1.1. By joining our community, you're saying "yes" to these Terms and Conditions from the moment you sign up.

1.2. Just a heads up, we don't play ball with other terms and conditions, only these.

1.3. Change is part of life, right? We might tweak these terms now and then. If we do, and you're not feeling it, shoot us an email at info@metsanoma.com within 14 days. Otherwise, we'll assume you're on board with the updates.

1.4. You need to be 18 or older to join our online membership. If you're not there yet, have someone who is place the order for you. By signing up, you're confirming you meet this age requirement.

Article 2 – Membership Details

2.1. Our agreement starts when you sign up and get our confirmation email + log in details .

2.2. Offers last as long as they're up and we’ve got the capacity.

2.3. The price at sign-up is what you commit to, unless changes come up, which we’ll communicate.

2.4. Mistakes in agreements or confirmations? We have the right to make corrections.

2.5. Price changes due to external factors might happen, but we'll keep you informed.

2.6. Setting up a profile on our site might be needed for some special features. You might need to set up a profile on our platform. Think of it as your passport to all things Metsa Noma.

2.7. We expect everyone to play nice. Uncool behavior could lead to us suspending or deleting your profile.

Article 3 – Payments and Cancellations

3.1. Payments:
All orders must be prepaid using our digital payment methods (SEPA Direct Debit, iDEAL, and Credit Card). For Metsa Noma memberships, payment is processed via automatic debit, with the amount due collected in advance at each month beginning. Please ensure your account has sufficient funds to cover the membership fees.

3.2. Failed Payments:
If you cancel a SEPA Direct Debit payment or if Metsa Noma cannot collect the due amount for any reason, your obligation to pay the fee remains. In such cases, you will also be liable for a return charge of up to EUR 12.50 per incident.

3.3. Payment Reminders:
If you do not pay the due amount within the set timeframe, Metsa Noma will send you a payment reminder, giving you an additional 14 days to settle the payment. Failure to pay within this extended period will result in default without the need for further notice.

3.4. Collection Process:
Should payments remain outstanding following reminders, Metsa Noma reserves the right to initiate legal collection processes. You will then be responsible for the principal amount due plus interest, as well as full reimbursement of out-of-court and court costs, including collection fees of at least 15% of the amount due, with a minimum of EUR 40.

3.5. Allocation of Payments:
Payments made towards outstanding balances will first cover any costs incurred, then the statutory interest, and finally the principal sum owed.

3.6. No Withholding or Setoff:
You are not permitted to withhold or deduct any amounts due to Metsa Noma for any reason.

3.7. Suspension and Termination:
Metsa Noma has the right to suspend its services or unilaterally terminate the agreement if you fail to meet your payment obligations.

Article 4 – Membership Perks

4.1. As a member, you get exclusive access to our content, community, and special events. Your membership ties to your profile, making it your key to everything Metsa Noma offers online.

4.2. We own all the content and intellectual property on our platform. Reproducing or sharing it without permission is off-limits.

4.3. Breach our intellectual property rights, and you could be facing a fine, plus potential damages.

4.4. Participating in recorded sessions grants us the right to use those recordings within our platform.

4.5. By joining sessions, you give us a global, exclusive license to use your image or likeness as part of our content.

4.6. Participation means waiving any claims to intellectual property rights in session recordings, to the extent permitted by law.

4.7. We handle your personal data with utmost care and in compliance with GDPR. Check out our privacy policy for the full scoop.

Article 5 – Changing or Canceling Membership

5.1. Changed your mind? You can cancel your membership by getting in touch. We're all about making it easy for you.

5.2. Your membership is just for you, so please keep your login info to yourself. We’re big on keeping things safe and secure.

Article 6 – Changing or Canceling Membership

6.1. Changed your mind? You can cancel your membership by getting in touch. We're all about making it easy for you.

6.2. Your membership is just for you, so please keep your login info to yourself. We’re big on keeping things safe and secure.

Article 8 – Last Bits

6.1. Anything legal related to your membership falls under Dutch law, just so you know.

6.2. Got questions or just want to chat? We’re always here at info@metsanoma.com or shoot a dm in the community app to help make your Metsa Noma journey fantastic.

General Terms and Conditions for Participation in Metsa Noma Events

Acceptance of Terms
By clicking the "Register" button, participants acknowledge and agree to these Terms and Conditions in full. This action forms a binding legal agreement between the participant and Metsa Noma regarding participation in ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas. It is the participant's responsibility to read and understand these terms fully before registration. Participation is conditional upon accepting these terms, including all preparatory requirements, admission criteria, and health and safety disclaimers.

Health and Safety Disclaimer
The information provided by Metsa Noma, whether on our website, through our Metsa Noma Tribe App, or by other means, is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Participants must consult with a healthcare provider before starting new health regimens or participating in Metsa Noma events. Participation indicates an understanding of the risks associated with these activities and a commitment to informed decision-making.

Obligation for Personal Research
In addition to the information and guidelines provided by Metsa Noma, it is crucial that participants actively conduct their own research into the nature of the events, the potential health risks and benefits, and the cultural and spiritual context of the ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas. This research should serve as a supplement to Metsa Noma's provided information and is vital for fully informed and conscious participation. Participants are encouraged to consult sources beyond Metsa Noma, including scientific studies, testimonials from past participants, and relevant literature, to gain a deeper understanding of the experiences they are preparing for. The decision to participate in an event should be based on a comprehensive assessment of all available information, from both Metsa Noma and independent sources.

Objective and role of Metsa Noma as guide:

Metsa Noma is dedicated to providing a safe and transformative experience for all participants in our ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas in Europe and Peru. We aim to minimize the need for unilateral refusal of participation by establishing clear guidelines and preparation instructions.

In addition to our core mission of offering a safe and transformative experience, we emphasize the essential role of Metsa Noma as a guide before, during, and after our ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas. Our commitment extends throughout the entire journey of the participant's transformation.

Preparation Phase (Pre-event): We understand the importance of thorough preparation and therefore take our role as guides very seriously in the lead-up to the event. Metsa Noma provides extensive preparation materials and guidelines, available via the Metsa Noma Tribe App and additional documentation in the confirmation email. Our goal is to ensure that all participants are fully prepared for their journey, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.

During the Event/Ceremony/Retreat/Dieta: Throughout the events themselves, we fulfill the role of 'space holders,' ensuring a safe and supportive environment for the inner processes of the participants. Our presence is aimed at providing support, facilitating growth, and ensuring the safety of participants during their personal transformation processes.

After the Event/Ceremony/Dieta/Retreat: Supporting participants in integrating their experiences into daily life is a crucial part of our guiding role. Metsa Noma remains available for questions, support, and guidance to ensure a smooth integration and maximization of the positive impact of the experience.

Communication: It is important for participants to know that our communication primarily takes place via the Metsa Noma Tribe App and our email list for subscribers. We are committed to keeping our community informed of future activities and events while simultaneously ensuring our dedication to privacy and direct communication.

Facilitator of Transformative Experiences: Metsa Noma endeavors to offer a safe and transformative experience for all participants. This includes organizing ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas designed to guide participants on their path of self-discovery and transformation.

Provider of Information: Metsa Noma ensures the availability of comprehensive information for proper event preparation. This includes access to the Info Vault, specifically for participants. For dieteros of Master Plant Dietas in Peru: a dedicated space in the Dieteros section of this app with documenttion regarding the retreat/dieta, and relevant attachments in the confirmation email, ensuring participants are well-informed and prepared.

Evaluator of Admission Requirements: Metsa Noma assesses whether potential participants meet the set admission criteria. This process is vital to ensure that only those who fulfill the criteria can participate, reserving the right to refuse participation if these requirements are not met.

Promoter of Responsible Participation: Metsa Noma emphasizes the importance of responsible participation by requiring participants to provide essential information about their medical and psychological backgrounds. Depending on individual circumstances, written consent or advice from a treating physician may also be necessary.

Enforcer of Safety and Abstinence Requirements: Metsa Noma sets clear guidelines for abstaining from certain substances prior to the event and reserves the right to refuse participation based on non-compliance with these requirements.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy Manager: Metsa Noma informs about the cancellation policy, where costs may be incurred for canceling or refusing participation after reservation.

Advocate for Conscious Participation: Metsa Noma encourages individuals to enroll only if they feel a deep calling to work with sacred plants in ceremonies, retreats and or master plant dietas, emphasizing that thorough preparation and commitment are necessary for an optimal experience.

Preparation and Information:

Comprehensive Preparation Information:
To ensure adequate preparation of participants, Metsa Noma provides access to extensive information through the Metsa Noma Tribe App and additional documents supplied in the registration confirmation email.

Admission Requirements:

Evaluation and Refusal:
If a potential participant fails to meet the admission requirements within 21 days before the scheduled event, Metsa Noma reserves the right to refuse participation.
Responsible Participation:

Essential Information:
Participants are expected to provide essential information about their medical and psychological background and motivation for participation. Written consent or advice from a treating physician may be required, depending on individual circumstances.

Abstinence Requirements:
Participants must abstain from the use of drugs, alcohol, or certain medications for a specific period before the event, depending on the nature of their addiction or medication use.

Right to Refuse Participation:

Metsa Noma reserves the right to refuse participation based on:

- Non-compliance with the abstinence period for alcohol (7 days), drugs + specific medications or other harmful substances (at least 21 days), which must be at least 7 - 21 days before the scheduled event.
- Lack of sincere and appropriate motivation for participation.
- Insufficient general preparation that could endanger the safety of the participant and others. In cases of general doubt, both from the potential participant and from METSA NOMA.

Considerations of Costs:

If participation is refused after reservation, costs may be charged in accordance with Metsa Noma's cancellation policy.

Calling and Preparation:

We only encourage registration from individuals who feel a deep calling to work with Sacred Plants and are fully committed to thorough preparation for this experience.

Age Requirement:

Participants must be at least 21 years old to participate in our events.


By participating in an event of Metsa Noma, you confirm your agreement with the above conditions. Our priority is your safety, well-being, and the quality of your experience. We look forward to guiding your journey of self-discovery and transformation.


By registering and making a deposit for an event organized by Metsa Noma, including ceremonies, retreats, and Master Plant Dietas (both in Europe and Peru), I declare that I agree with and fully understand the following terms and statements based on the detailed provisions provided:

Understanding and Accepting Risks:

Risk Acceptance: I am aware that any activity can be dangerous and involves risks, both inherent to the activity and from natural and human-made hazards. By participating in Metsa Noma events, I accept these risks and acknowledge my sole responsibility for my safety and equipment. I understand the importance of being physically and mentally prepared and having the appropriate equipment.

Personal Responsibility: I acknowledge that only I can assess my abilities in relation to the conditions I may encounter in the event environment, such as the jungle, and autonomously decide how to act or not.

Liability Agreement:

Voluntary Participation: I confirm my voluntary decision to participate in the retreats, fully aware of the potential dangers and risks that could lead to illness, injury, or death. I understand the inherent risks involved in these activities.

Non-Litigation Agreement: Considering my participation, I agree to accept all risks related to illness, injury, or death. I promise not to sue and release and indemnify Metsa Noma from liability, including its owners, agents, employees, contractors, and others involved in the program, from any claims for injury, loss, or damage arising from my participation, regardless of the cause.

Independent Contractors: I acknowledge Metsa Noma's use of independent contractors to provide services during the retreat and understand that Metsa Noma has no control over and bears no responsibility for the actions of these contractors.

Jurisdiction Agreement: I agree that any disputes related to my participation in events in Peru, will be settled in Pucallpa, Peru, as the agreed forum.

Binding Agreement: This agreement will be binding on my heirs, executors, administrators, and family members, including any minors accompanying me.

Informed Agreement: Having familiarized myself with all the information provided to me about the programs, retreats, and events, I agree to all conditions outlined in the Reservation & Payment Information, specifically including information that outlines my responsibilities and obligations as a program participant.

Media Rights: I grant Metsa Noma the absolute right to publish and republish photos or likenesses of me taken during the retreat in all media.

Financial Responsibility: I agree to bear all costs for any necessary evacuation or medical care.

Important Statement about Metsa Noma - Netherlands and Centro Metsa Noma, Peru: I acknowledge that Metsa Noma - Netherlands is legally independent from Centro Metsa Noma, Peru, and that both entities operate independently of each other with their own responsibilities and liabilities. Centro Metsa Noma, led by Maestro Sany Meny (Wilter Javier Lopez Romaina), is named after Daphne Metsa Noma.

I declare that I have carefully read, understood, and agree with these terms. I take upon myself the responsibility to prepare and participate in Metsa Noma's events in a safe and responsible manner, fully accepting the associated risks and conditions.