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Join us on an incredible adventure where the sacredness of plant work, the guidance of skilled coaching, and the power of community come together seamlessly. Rooted in the Shipibo Konibo tradition, our offerings, from sacred ceremonies to immersive retreats, invite you to explore the depths of self-discovery and healing.

Where Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Exploration

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"A healing, beautiful, and profound experience, guided by an amazing team. Most profound experience in my life."

Brecht Gerniers

"Right from the moment you enter, you feel the warmth of the loving hosts and hostesses. Their affectionate interaction with each other and with us as guests makes you feel comfortable as you embark on the (somewhat exciting) journey. Their collective singing is incredibly beautiful. You sense their attention and love at every stage of being together. Nothing but praise!! Wow!"

Ricky van Beek

"A highly experienced team that works with great love. Metsa Noma creates a safe space, making it easier to let go."

Nina Hijmans

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your own
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you to
Sacred Plants
healing processes

Back in 2015, Metsa Noma started its journey in Europe, making its home in The Netherlands. Like strong vines, our dedication reached Peru, creating a special place for healing journeys.

Metsa Noma isn't just a place for inner journey's; it's a living commitment experienced in every icaro, leaf, and brick in our sacred home. We're known for creating meaningful ceremonies and retreats, along with offering helpful guidance through coaching.

Guided by the ancient wisdom of sacred plants, our commitment extends beyond geographical boundaries, shaping the transformative experiences of those embarking on their unique journeys. While we may not be of Shipibo origin, our maestro and the sacred plants gracefully teach us in the art of singing Shipibo Icaros, creating safe environments, and upholding the traditions of Shipibo Konibo. It's a testament to the universal language of healing and respect that transcends cultural distinctions.

Metsa Noma warmly invites you—a promise to explore love, healing, and rediscovery. Your adventure, with commitment and expert guidance, awaits in the caring arms of Metsa Noma, where the extraordinary becomes a beautiful melody in life's transformative story.

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