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— OLAF Maas

Although the trip is different each time, everything around it is always lovingly cared for. It feels like stepping into a warm bath. What sweet people. This really is my new family!

— Ricky van beek

As soon as you enter, you feel the warmth of the loving hosts and ladies. Their loving interaction to each other and to us as guests makes you feel at at ease to start the (somewhat exciting) journey. Their singing together is incredibly beautiful. You feel their attention and love in every stage of the togetherness. Nothing but praise!!! Wow!

— debelien Silva Lopes

Metsa Noma, what a team what a tribe. Even before the ceremony during the preparations, the love, warmth and concern is already so palpable. There is always a healthy dose of tension before I enter a ceremony, for me a bedding of trust is important. And this team, far exceeded that. Each and every one of them stands so powerfully in ceremony, they hold space for each one and also space for each other. The love and trust between them is palpable, so you already experience so much peace experience even before you enter a ceremony. I very consciously choose the sacred spaces, where I can lay my head in complete confidence. And this team knew how to carry me in every way, with all the love, wisdom and patience. During the ceremony there is all space for what comes up to be felt and experienced. I felt carried and seen at all times. And the icaros that they sing individually and also together sing, makes the Gods dance. So grateful for the whole team, the path they are walking and that they are in sacred service.

— Francisca do Rosario

From the moment I signed up, I was given clear instructions on the preliminary process and a good explanation of the ceremony. Through their questionnaire and intake that they work very carefully so that you can enter the journey as safely as possible. On the day itself a warm welcome from the guides. Clear instructions before instructions. A safe space is created by making clear agreements, but also leaving room for fun and celebration.

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Lotte Klompenhouwer

Ik heb mijn eerste reis gemaakt bij Metsa Noma en zou iedereen die op zoek is naar een plek om ayahuasca te nemen Metsa Noma aanraden! Het team heeft veel kennis en respect voor de traditie en is daarnaast ontzettend open, liefdevol en warm richting alle deelnemers. De voorbereiding op de ceremonie, de ceremonie
zelf en de nasleep van de ceremonie wordt heel serieus genomen en er is tijd en aandacht voor iedereen en ieders persoonlijke verhaal en reis. Team Metsa Noma, nogmaals héél erg bedankt en tot de volgende keer!

Lorenzo Carter

I've had my first ceremony with Metsa Noma and I would definitely
recommend it to others! Throughout the entire process I had a really good feeling
about the preparations, the ceremony and the guidance during the ceremony. It was
just perfect for me, nothing the say more!

Joyce Tacl

Ik heb een prachtig 4 daags retreat met team Metsa Noma mogen ervaren. Dit heeft me zo ontzettend veel gebracht, ik voel me lichter en ik voel me vrij. Team Metsa Noma is super verbonden en dragen echt de shipibo traditie uit, waardoor het voor mij nog meer secret en als de bedoeling voelt. Puur en in service of the plants, dat is wat ik ervaren heb en dat is prachtig.

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