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Your spiritual transformation process

Ceremony vs. Dieta

Analogue + Ayahuasca

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Starting an Ayahuasca journey is a very spiritual and life-changing experience that needs careful planning and preparation. The sacred ceremony is a profound exploration of spiritual awakening and healing as well as a voyage into the depths of your consciousness. Before attending a ceremony or retreat, there are a few important things to think about […]

Essential Considerations for Your Journey


Hello there! Interested in learning the ways of plant medicine? Well, you’ve certainly chosen the right place. Before we actually embark further on this wonderful journey, there is a golden nugget I would like to share, and that is setting intentions. It’s like drawing your map before sailing out to the great unknown. But here’s […]

The Art of Setting Intentions

Vision In one of my Ayahuasca journeys, some other lifetime ago (pun intended), Madre Ayahuasca brought me to a large tree with fluorescent light around it. This tree had a door, and just above, on a branch, a bird rested. I immediately understood that this door represented a gate through which I could enter. There […]

Illuminating the Path

1: Expectation management Dimethyltryptamine is made in the pineal gland. This is also called your third eye. The pineal gland is also your sensory observatory with which you can see, smell, hear, feel, taste and know clearly. Dimethyltryptamine is a body-specific substance that you produce in considerably high quantities at birth and when you die. […]

What you should know before participating

I received a message from someone who was completely confused when she found out that she had not drank South American Ayahuasca at another provider, but had been given a completely different plant tea. Since I have worked with the analog in the past and have always been honest about it, I can put myself […]

Analogue + Ayahuasca

Your journey is currently the way of Transformation. You investigate the wisdom of your soul. You throw away all old belief systems and patterns because they no longer serve you. Keep courage, because you are on your way to becoming fully your authentic Self. Your spiritual transformation is simply about turning the Ego into the […]

Your spiritual transformation process

The other day, during an introductory talk, I was asked, “What is the difference between participating in a single ceremony and a dieta? I replied: Nice question! However, I only have experience in the Shipibo Konibo tradition, so I can only take you a bit from my own experience. But, let me try to explain. […]

Ceremony vs. Dieta


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